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Lakeshore living is wonderful but comes with responsibilities. 

We all share a responsibility to preserve the Cullens for future generations. In practice, this means living a life that preserves water quality, sustains fish and wildlife habitat, and supports natural resources conservation.   

Below are helpful links that can help you preserve and protect the Cullens. 

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You can protect and preserve water quality by following best practices.

Learn more about preserving natural landscapes 

Depending where your property is, you are subject to Crow Wing County, Nisswa or Pequot lakes zoning and building ordinances. Contact Association President Ann Beaver for advice on building responsibly. Ordinances are available at: 

Vegetation is a natural part of lakes. Click here to view images of common Cullen lakes vegetation. 

 Zebra mussels have invaded the Cullens, which means the chain is classified as infested waters. See what this unwanted invasive species looks like here.

A well-functioning septic system protects water. A poorly functioning system does not. Learn more

 Purple loosestrife is common in Crow Wing County and a threat to our waters. Learn how to remove this unwanted invasive plant here. 

See rain/snow totals: 

Your insurance policy may not pay you for fire damage if you do not provide this access to your propertyYou must provide a road to your property wide and high enough for the passage of fire-fighting equipment and sufficiently cleared of snow for fire fighters to access your buildings. Wide enough means no less than 12 feet (20 is better) and clear of brush, trees and other obstacles. The clear height of the road must be no less than 12 feet. Cleared of snow means plowed to the same 12-foot width.