The Cullen Lakes Association relies on 10 committees to help guide lake stewardship, membership, funding priorities and more. If you have concerns about a particular topic or an interest in serving on the association’s board, please reach out to any of the people below for more information.

Administration: Debi Oliverius, chair. Members: Paul Beilfuss, John MacGibbon, Joel Knutson, Dan Hurley, and Peter Miller.

Water Quality: Ann Beaver, chair. Members Denise and Eric Whitson, Debi Oliverius and Denny Opsahl.

Membership: Carol Lindahl, chair. Members: Ann Beaver and Lora Graumann.

Education: C.B. Bylander, chair. Members Ann Beaver (Newsletter), John MacGibbon, Randy Steenholdt, Debi Oliverius, Julie Johnson, and Ryan Kennedy.

Land Development: Ann Beaver, chair. Member Patty Hicks, Randy Steenholdt, C.B. Bylander, and Dan Hurley.

Fisheries: C.B. Bylander, chair. Members Peter Miller and Joel Knutson.

Environmental Issues: John Maguire, chair. Members Denny Opsahl, Dan Hurley and Patty Hicks.

Invasive Species: Ann Beaver and Carol Lindahl, co-chairs. Members: C.B. Bylander, Debi Oliverius, Denny Opsahl and John Maguire.

Budget & Finances: Paul Beilfuss, chair. Members Joel Knutson, Carol Lindahl, Peter Miller, and Lora Graumann.

Lake Management Planning: Ann Beaver, chair. Members are all of the association committee chairs.,