Help Support Our Loons

One of the joys of the Cullens is seeing and hearing loons, our state bird. 

You can help ensure their future by supporting loon conservation, which means helping keep waters clear (loons are sight feeders) and being mindful of their needs. 

What Everyone Can Do 

  • Give loons their space. Approaching nests can inadvertently cause loons to leave, thereby resulting in nest failure. if you see a loon “dancing” straight up out of the water and slapping with its wings, itis alarmed by your presence. Move away. 
  • Boat wisely. This means being on the lookout for loons, especially in early summer when chicks are too young to dive. It is the habit of loon parents to move the chicks away from the nesting environment, out into deeper water along more open shorelines, to avoid their natural predators. Unfortunately, this puts them into direct conflict with watercraft — particularly personal watercraft and boats pulling water skiers and tubers. 
  • Report harassment. Harassment of wildlife is against the law. If you see loons being harassed, report it to your local DNR office. Videotaping the event and/or recording the vessel’s registration number is helpful. 
  • For more information about Loons in Minnesota, please see this link to the National Loon Center being finalized in Crosslake.