Starry stonewort has been discovered in Middle Cullen Lake.

An aquatic invasive species, this unwanted form of algae was found in mid-May during curly-leaf pondweed assessments. The patch was about one-half acre in size and located not far from the public boat launch.

Starry stonewort was first discovered in Minnesota in 2015 and has spread to 29 lakes. It is unwanted because it can form dense mats at the surface and interfere with recreation. It is also a problem because it competes with native plants.

Starry stonewort has never been eradicated from any United States lake or river.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is attempting to determine the extent of the infestation. Early detection is key to treatment and management. Cullen Lakes Association leaders are in conversation with the DNR as to the next the steps.

. Click here to read the DNR press release and learn more about starry stonewort.